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Who is Leeu ?

The forward thinking electronic artist and steadfast of original suid-tronica, took some time to sit down with us and have a little chat before the biggest gig of his life.  


Who is Leeu?

Leeu represents my musical spirit animal, being a Live Act from South Africa, I feel Im representing a very unique sound that Ive been refining for years. Gathered and showcased in my live performances,  my music is straight from my heart and intended to uplift audiences through ritualistic grooves and naturally recurring rhythms. 


What inspires your music?

I am inspired by everything around me; people,  the environment and moments passing by,

I try encapsulate my day to day experiences and emotions into all the music i write.

When I’m listening to new music I’m constantly learning new ways of painting.

I’m heavily inspired by ethnic and world music. I also enjoy instruments from around the world, each one tells its own story. By combining traditional instruments with my-approach to electronic production i can have hours of fun, getting lost in their hypnotic qualities.


How long have you been producing music?

I have been writing music since around 2004-05, it has been a really fun journey, when i look  back at all the things I have been involved in musically since then! Music has always been a vehicle where I can express all my creative energies into, it has allowed me to meet some incredible people and work on all kinds of amazing projects.


Besides House what other genres of music do u listen to and produce?

I listen to a lot of different music, pretty much exploring as much as I can.

I also enjoy making all kinds of music, I don’t want to be bound to genres,

if its good and connects with me ill listen to it and get inspired from it!.

I really enjoy cross-pollinating styles and genres together that aren’t usually blended, this excites me most! 


Are u excited to open for Little Dragon? What do u have planned?

Im super excited to be part of  the Little Dragon concert, the Lazarusman and I have planned something really special for the Show.

LD are one of the most influential groups for me at the moment, i am totally obsessed with the music and its great to have them back in SA, where they are so well received. The local people really connect with their stuff here.


Who is ur favourite artist? Both local and international.

Its really hard to decide a favourite when there are so many out there,

but i will say internationally Mo Kolours and Flako are really inspiring for me!

and locally i´d say - Vox Portent ,Thor Rixon and Card on Spokes are pushing other levels!


Any advice for young producers coming up ?

The best advice i can give to other young producers out there, don’t emulate and copy what u hear, be yourself, be real, be original, if it doesn’t sound the way you want it, keep doing it until it does. this music making thing takes time to get right, no rush.

Don’t limit yourself to genres and styles, just create and enjoy the process, not the end result and who’s gonna sign it, its irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things.


Catch Leeu at the Label Showcase on 24 October at Poolside. Follow him on Soundcloud Buy his latest release on Just Move Records here. Buy tickets to the label showcase herehappening on 24 October at Poolside. #THEREALWILLRISE

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